Backswing Tip that Will Change Your Golf Swing Forever

With a bad backswing, hitting consistent golf shots is nearly impossible. But, with one simple back swing tip, you can get into the perfect position at the top of your swing and hit the ball more solidly in just a few minutes.

Take a look at one of my golf students below who had a horrible back swing position at the top and how radically he changed it in one lesson.

Does the picture on the left look like you? Then this one golf tip is going to make your day! Getting across the line like this at the top leads to a complicated downswing path where the club head has to trace a long route to get back to impact. This typically leads to an approach to the ball that is too far from the inside in better golfers and over the top for high handicap golfers.

The key is understanding the core movements of the backswing and breaking them down into simple, bite-size pieces. To do that, you need memorize the following three letters: REF.

REF – Rotation, Elevation, Flexion

This moniker is the best back swing tip in the world. If you can master the movements of REF, you’ll be well on your way to the backswing of your dreams. Let’s look at them more closely.

Backswing Tips

Rotation – This is simply the body turning during the backswing. It is the primary mover of the arms.

Elevation – The arms primarily should move in an up and down fashion in the backswing. We call this “Elevation”.

Flexion – The right arm bends at the elbow, this is called flexion.

When you combine these three, simple moves together, you create the backswing position you see in my student in the right. One Kasino88 tip with one awesome result.

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