How to Chip in Golf – Choosing the Right Club

If your lifelong goal in golf is to break 80 unique choose the right club to chip with around the greens.  Picking the right club on your chip shots will allow you to manage your game better and score more consistently, while ensuring that you hit your chips and pitches closest to the whole the majority of the time.

One option for your chip shots is to use the same club all the time.  If you prefer to chip this way, you will likely use your 60° lob wedge for most chip shots.  This option will give you the most flexibility in allow the most creativity around the greens.  However, it will require the most time in practice and require the most touch and sensitivity around the greens.

The other basic option is to chip with multiple clubs. Chipping this way requires less practice time as you hone in one basic chipping stroke while using different clubs to control the distance and trajectory of your chip and pitch shots. This is usually the best option for those who don’t get a lot of time to practice her short game. However, it is somewhat more limited in that using lower lofted clubs tends to create less spin on your average chip shot.  This is not always a bad thing but just something that you should be aware of.

The best way to decide which way is best for you to chip is to go out and practice both. Start out with a 60° wedge and hit 10 different shots from 10 different locations and see if you like the feel of manipulating the club face on these different types of shots and if you like the way the ball reacts on the green.  Now grab a lower lofted club and hit the same 10 shots from the same locations and see if you find it easier to get the ball closer to the hole with a lower lofted club.  Now repeat the process one more time with an even less lofted club and see which one you find provides the best results.  You may find that the combination of all three clubs will provide the best results, but may prefer one slightly more to the other so that you may bias yourself to have one preferred shot the majority of the time, while still using all the clubs for certain shots.

Most better players will find that they tend to prefer one club over the other for say 40% of their shots, while still varying using different clubs, depending on the situation.  The reality is that no one club will fit every single situation perfectly, so learning how to use all of them is ideal to a degree unless you have a lot of time to practice.

Watch this golf instruction video below that will give you some more insight into choosing the right club Indobola88 for your chip shots around the green.

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