How To Avoid The Double Chip In Golf

The double chip, or TC Chen as it’s commonly known, is a mysterious thing for most golfers. It sort of runs up there with the shanks in that it seems to come out of no where with no simple explanation for what causes it. But, learning how to chip using the bounce of the golf club can help rid you of this annoying shot.

The first key is to let the club swing on a natural arc. The natural arc of a chip shot is very wide and shallow. Where most golfers go wrong is that they pick the golf club up abruptly and then hit down on the ball sharply. This type of chipping stroke creates a steep and narrow arc whose shape resembles the letter “V”. You want the shape of your chip stroke to resemble the letter “U”.

When you learn how to chip in golf using the bounce and creating this wide, shallow bottom to your arc, the club doesn’t work back up off the ground immediately after impact. Instead, it slides quietly under the ball and stays low to the ground rather than chasing after it.

In the image above, you can see just how wide and shallow the chip stroke is here when done properly. The ball and club head are no where near each other, they’re at least a foot apart making a double chip an impossibility. Learning how to chip using this technique not only helps you avoid the double chip, but also allows you to chip off any lies.

The lie that I’m hitting this chip shot from above is very scary for most golfers – tight bermuda with a sandy base. If you don’t know how to chip off this stuff, you’re going to lose a lot of strokes around the greens on your next golf vacation to Florida! Most golfers try to play the ball way back in their stance and come down on the ball sharply to ensure ball-first contact, but this leads right back to the “V” shaped chipping stroke and steep angle of attack that leads right back to the double hit AyoBali.

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