Golf Chip – How to Use the Bounce of Your Wedge

Most golfers fear chipping from tight lies for fear of skulling the ball across the green or chunking the chip and laying the sod over the ball. Because of this, they try to compensate by moving the ball way back in their stance. The problem is, this actually makes the likelihood of you hitting a fat chip shot worse!

Learning how to setup for a chip shot correctly is the first defense in avoiding hitting chip shots and pitches fat. Here’s a video where I demonstrate the differences between setting up the way you typically see in the golf magazines or in Dave Pelz’s book on the short game and how setting up properly will help you never hit a fat chip shot again – from any lie!

In the video, you can see how steep of an angle of attack is created by this “old school” way of teaching golfers how to chip. Now, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t ever chip like this. It has a time and a place. But, you don’t see many golfers on the PGA Tour chipping like this for a reason!

That’s because they don’t want to hit it fat any worse than you do! Think back to Hunter Mahan at the 2010 Ryder Cup and you’ll know why!

For some reason, there is a disconnect between how amateur golfers get taught by some instructors vs. professionals or even low handicappers. These instructors seem to think you’re not “good enough” to learn how to chip the right way! Nonsense!

Take a look at how well the club works through the grass in the chip shot from the video above:

You can see just how low the club is moving to the ground after impact. This wide, “U” shaped swing arc allows you to avoid ever striking the ground with the leading edge. The leading edge is very sharp and when it hits the ground, it will dig straight down, leading to the dreaded “chunked chip”.

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