Free Golf Game for PC and Golf Simulator

Thousands of golf game for pc

Different people like to play the golf game in different way. Some people like to play this awesome game directly in the field after they come from the work. Some people like to take two-week golf vacation where as some like to play the game at home. The main advantage in golf at home is that the game is fast and exciting. There are many websites offer golf game for pc. Either you can play the game online or download it to your pc and can play it even in offline mode. Also, you do not need to be a pro to play golf game. The rules are very simple and you need to hit the ball into the cup with less number of hits. Though the game rules are very easy to learn, the game remains challenging. Playing these games gives you a feeling of being out in the golf courses.

Benefits of playing free golf game

You can see both free golf game and paid version of the same. The free versions come with limited features and allow you to play up to only basic levels of the game. When you unlock the free version with paid version, you can get more features of the game.

In most of the golf game for pc, you will have an option to practice the game. Using this option, you can practice how to hit the ball perfectly and how to put the ball in the cup with less number of shots. Also, you can learn the basic rules of the golf game. You can read the instructions given in the game to learn quickly. Help tips will aid you throughout the game. You can also turn these help tips. Complex shots can be played with more practice. The best part is that many online golf games allow players to chat with other players. You can chat when you play. Most of the games come with single player and multi player options. When you are alone at home, you can play single player mode. But when your friends are at home, then you can enjoy the game with them using multi player mode.

Most of the free golf game runs on Windows OS only. If you have MAC, then you need to install windows emulator software. Also you should have internet connection to either download the free golf game or to play the game online. Various gaming websites provide golf game for pc, and you can select the best one among them. For that you can do some online research to find the best golf game. You can read the player reviews about many games and choose the one to download or play which has more ratings when compared to the other games. You can have real fun with the golf game.

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