Learn How Golf Legend Tiger Woods Putt His Ball

Few are as proficient as Tiger Woods is in the style of putting. He is known to follow a regular strict routine each time he putts except in cases of tap-ins where the putts are very short. Today, Tiger Woods style of putting is synonymous to success.

Tiger Woods Style of PuttingHe makes a first guess at aim by starting of with inscribing a short straight line on the ball along the intended line of putt. By inscribing a mark on the ball, he attempts to aim the ball well. This is followed by walking towards the hole and examining the green near the hole for changes or breaks in the grass. He avoids doing this in short putts of less than 4 feet. The advantages of walking towards the hole are two-fold…he can clearly imagine the path that the ball would take and also get a fair idea of the distance between the ball and the hole.

He then adjusts the ball carefully so that the line he had inscribed on it now flawlessly follows his intended path. After lifting the coin marker off the ground and putting it in his pocket, he adjusts the bill of his cap to reduce all sorts of visual distractions. Tiger woods golf putting style focuses on alignment, aim and determined mental calmness.

After marking the ball with the ball marker, he assumes a stance beside the ball parallel to the intended line and sets the blade of his putter beside the ball with his right hand. He then, performs a couple of practice swings which reminds us of a freely oscillating swinging pendulum. This again helps him with the feel of distance about which he had some knowledge after his walk towards the hole.

After this initial warm-up, he prepares for the final strike. His body poised with putter head behind the ball, his head now rotates and focuses on the hole. Being very target-oriented, he rotates his head back to the ball and shifts his stance slightly by moving his weight from the left foot to the right one. He then proceeds to give the final strike to the ball with a beautiful backswing judi online. The time taken for the entire process is a minute or so, maybe a tad longer in complicated putts, but the effect is a thing for the world to see and applaud.

Putting style of Tiger Woods

In a nutshell, Woods begins by walking towards the hole to check for any breaks in the grass, followed by aiming the ball well by marking it and aligning himself for the aim. Finally, with an intelligent assessment of the distance between the hole and his position and sound swing mechanics, he accomplishes the task in hand with expertise. It all boils down to being extremely regular with his routine down to the last of microsecond.

Tiger Woods’ putting style makes him one of the best putters in his generation. His unmatched putting obliges Ernie Els to say that though Tiger Woods plays several loose shots, yet, his putting would break the heart of a rattlesnake owing to its precision.

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