Golf Sand Shot Tip – Three Keys to Hitting Sand Shots

The sand shot is the easiest shot in golf to hit its the only time you make a swing and don’t actually strike the golf ball.  Instead you rely on the sand and the technique and fundamentals of the sand shot to get the ball airborne and onto the green.

  1. You Must Have Loft on a Sand Shot

The most critical aspect of hitting a successful sand shot is having enough loft at address and maintaining it throughout the entire golf swing.  Most amateur golfers set up with the club face too closed at address and therefore don’t have enough loft throughout the swing to be able make an aggressive swing to get the ball to come up in the air quickly and land softly on the green

  1. You Need Club Head Speed

Once you’re set up with enough loft, you can make an aggressive swing.  This will allow you to move enough sand to get the ball up in the air quickly and land softly on the green. Because the sand is heavy, you need to make an aggressive swing so don’t be afraid that you’re going to launch the ball over the green. As long as you have enough loft, you will have no problems getting the ball to go up in the air quickly and land softly

  1. You Take Out “The Box”

One of the most useful golf tips you’ll ever learn to hit a perfect sand shot is learning how to take out the box.  Taking out the box a box that you draw in the sand that shows you where your divot should start and where it should exit the sand when you take out the proper size divot.  Most golfers dig too deep in the sand, and that makes it very difficult to put very much spin on the golf ball and makes it harder to get the ball out of the bunker.  This is because you’re trying to move several pounds of sand instead of about 1 pound of sand.  Using this Box Drill will make you a bunker pro in no time and have you taking nice clean shallow divots that will have you putting tons of spin on the golf ball in no time.

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