How To Putt Accurately?

Putting is an important part of the game which leads to 40-50% of the scores in the game of golf. With the golfer spending half of his time on the putting green, putting can be a great equalizer. Thus, golf putting accuracy tips are much in demand among those who wish to putt well. Putting accuracy is different from “distance control” where, the entire aim of the golfer is to determine the ideal distance the ball must cover on the green with natural breaks. The prime focus of “distance control” is to allow the ball reach near the putting cup so that the score is sufficiently lowered.

If one asks a golfer about how sure he/she is in sinking a six-footer putt, then you would be amazed to see that the confidence is actually low in the seemingly easy short putts. Actually these putts demand a great deal of accuracy and aim from the golfer. And the field of “aim and accuracy” requires concentration and a positive approach to the game.

Accurate Golf Putting

The first step in establishing the aim of putting the ball into the cup is to have the refer alignment of the hole and the ball. There are many putting training aids available in the market that focus on how a golfer can improve having the aim. The most popular ones are IndoTogel Sydney System and putting systems that work on laser beam technology. They help the golfer practice alignment with the focus on getting the ball roll on the target line conjured up with the help of the putting alignment tools.

In the second step, one must ensure that the putting stroke is perfect. Avoid unnecessary body movements and jerks of the body which can give a “limp” or a “hard” impact to the ball. The eyes must be perfectly focused on the ball which is positioned centrally between the feet. The shoulders must be square and preferably parallel to the target line which you have imagined that the ball rolls to reach the cup. One can take the help of putting mirrors who help golfers to focus his/her vision on the ball.

The final step is the follow-through. After giving the putting stroke, avoid wrapping the putter around the body to watch how the ball rolls. It is better to give a “follow-through” which is found to be the same route of the stroke.

How to Putt Accurately?

The technique of getting the short putts right is not very tricky. It requires practice and a steady putting consistency. Accurate putting is possible if you imagine that on the target line there are several holes lined up and that the ball must follow that route. While practicing putting indoors, you can place some papers or cut out a hole on the carpet and try to aim to reach that target first. Then practice to let the ball roll still further from the paper that you have placed. Ensure that with a steady hand and gaze, you are able to putt accurately.

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