My 5 favorite uses for “Alignment Rods”

I coach the Women’s Golf Team at Park University, and I see “Alignment Rods” sticking out of the golf bags of college golfers at every tournament we play in. I used quotation marks because they can do so much more than just help you with your alignment. What can they do??? I’m glad you asked! Check out my 5 favorite uses for “MULTI PURPOSE RODS”

  1. The impact drill is performed by sliding a Rod down through the grip and the shaft. The objective of this drill is to hit chip and pitch shots without allowing the wrists to break down and flip the hands at the ball. If performed correctly, you will be able to hit shots without any interference from the protruding Tour Stick. However, if you allow the wrists to break down, the stick will bump into your side or hip, letting you know you are not maintaining those solid wrists.
  2. The contact drill is designed to stop the golfer from scooping and flipping their hands at the ball.This is achieved by laying a Rod horizontally 2 inches behind the ball. If the player then makes a swing at the ball with a descending path, they will make clean contact with the ball and the loft of the club will lift the ball into the air.In the case the player comes in shallow with a scooping or flipping motion, they will make contact with the stick first, thus identifying the fault.
  1. The landing point drill is a great way to practice carrying the ball to the desired point on the green. This is set up by laying a Rod on the ground horizontally 2 inches behind your desired landing. The objective is to then hit your chip and pitch shots, carrying them just beyond the stick slot88. You will get immediate feedback as to whether you are hitting your shots long or short and you will gain a better feel for distance around the greens.
  2. To work on your hip alignment, use two Rods. Place one through your belt loops (see picture) and lay the other on the ground parallel to your target line. Now take your stance. If your hips are square, the stick through your belt loops should be parallel to the stick on the ground.
  3. For golfers who tend to stroke a putt from the outside in, place a Rod on two tees and place your ball so the toe of your putter is barely touching the rod. Make a putting stroke without knocking the Rod off the tees (you can use water bottle caps indoors instead of tees).

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