Golf Lesson Video on How to Setup to the Ball

Posture is extremely important in the golf swing. It allows the joints of the body to easily move through their full range of motion unrestricted. This allows the golfer to make a full turn and build full power without the risk of injury.

This IndoBet simple golf instruction video shows you exactly how to get into perfect posture every time and also to be perfectly balanced. The setup routine is very simple, but you need to follow it exactly.

How to Setup

The first key is to this lesson is to stand straight up in good posture. You want your spine in neutral, so your shoulder blades need to be pulled back – think relaxed military posture.

From there, you hinge forward at the hip until your toes come slightly off the ground while keeping your legs perfectly straight. In order for this to happen, your hips must drop back behind you such that your weight moves back to your heels. Once you’ve hinged forward far enough that you can see the ball and your toes are wanting to come off the ground, relax the knees.

Relaxing the knees will move your weight forward from your heels to over your ankles and set you into perfect balance. Going through this setup routine will train your body what it feels like to get into a perfect golf setup with great posture and help you make a more powerful golf swing.

Good posture isn’t just for your golf swing, posture is also important for your putting.

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