Skills For Better Putting In Golf

Putting is a crucial part of the game which determines 40-50% of the final score. As one plays half of the time on the golf greens, no wonder, the green can be a great equalizer. Often golfers ask this question as: what are the golf putting skills that one needs to develop to putt well. In order to perfect your putting skills, it must be remembered that for good consistent putting, one must practice regularly and with mental calmness.

Putting skills in golf

Putting is more a mental game than an actual technique. Firstly, one must approach the putting green with no hang over of low confidence. A positive outlook is likely to fare better on the putting green. Thus, it is advised that amateur golfers must practice short putts more often ad sleep thinking of the successful ones and how beautifully the ball ahs rolled and the putt had sunk! This approach boosts the confidence of the golfer.

The second skill of putting would be to first read the greens well. Reading greens is an entirely judgmental procedure where the golfer reads the green from all sides and angles to see how the golf green moves. One must try to read the greens from behind the ball, its sides and of course, from behind the hole. The main aim is to assess the breaks in the green and how the ball would be rolling if it is hit in a particular direction. The best direction of the target line must be determined while reading the green.

In order to test your green reading skills, it is advised to practice on a sloping putt. Place the tee peg at the apex from where you think the ball is going to break towards the hole. Practice hitting several putts towards the peg and monitor how the ball behaves. Base your reading greens judgments accordingly.

Then third step is to have the right putting set-up. This set-up can be established with holding the putter in the right grip. There are several putting grips that have become popular. Choose PokerBoya in which you are most comfortable. Remember that the wrists must always be parallel to each other. They must not be flexible and moving on their own. One must not grip the putter club so tight that the muscles are tensed and the movement of the stroke is not fluid. Try to have a firm grip on the putter. A loose grip would not have the right impact on the ball.

Fourthly, the focus of the eyes must be on the ball, directly over it. The shoulders must be square and parallel to the imaginary target line that connects the ball with the hole. You may use putting mirrors for practice. These mirrors help you get an idea of the correct visual focus which must be on the ball. The body of the golfer must bend form the waist and the position of the ball must be preferably central. The feet must be firmly placed on the green and parallel to the imaginary target line. While setting a target line one must take into consideration the breaks in the green and predict how the ball would be moving after the impact.

An important golf putting skill is that the putting stroke should be smoothly carried out with no unnecessary jerks and movements. The putter face must be addressed at the ball for a slid impact with a steady hand and body.

Once a golfer learns establishing his putting routine, it is important to be consistent so that all the steps become instinctive. The pre-putt routine usually does not take a lot of time if it becomes a habit with the practicing golfer.

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