Tiger Woods Golf Game

The game of Golf in the UK has evolved into a crazy game and even the world is looking towards golf as not only a sport but also a healthy aspect to a holistic living. Children of starting from the age 4 are made to take Golf classes in the weekends.

It is a well-known fact that Tiger Woods is by far the greatest golfer to come along. The classic Tiger’s golf-swing is powerful and so far unmatched.

Tiger Wood’s secret

Like any sports personality Tiger Woods has to keep his upper body fit beyond imagination. It takes a well-trained body like his to deliver that much power and force at the strike of the golf and the impact is amazing.

His characteristic swing comes from the way he rotates his body. Tiger has trained himself to fight of the natural body’s instincts to rotate along with the lower body. To make this possible he keeps his arms close to his chest for as long as possible before he takes the swing. This way he is able to deliver all the potential force at the moment of strike .He is used to the body rotation that enables such force. It does take a lot of practice to pull off that kind of a swing with perfection.

Earl Woods played a major role in shaping the ace Golf player from his early teens. He helped him concentrate on the ball and never to get distracted by any noise or other disturbances around him. Once even when his cell phone rang in the middle of the tournament Tiger went for a clear shot. When asked later he claimed to have heard nothing. Tiger often tried hard and more to control his temper, on field and off field.

Tiger’s craze for golf got the better of him when he wanted to choose a profession and decided that doing what he loved and getting paid for it was the best way of life.

Crazy Golf Nintendo

TNDsi is the best gaming platform that brought Crazy Golf Unlimited for all the Golf lovers and Tiger Woods fans. Now downloading this game is easier. Yes! You don’t have to pay 500 Nintendo points in order to download this game. It is free to download from the Dsi Download centre. Dsi Download centre is a legitimate site that is approved by Nintendo Corp, formed especially for the legal distribution of Nintendo trademark games and their download. The site also hosts Ds Emulater for many other famous games including Crazy Golf.

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