Why is This Forex Trading Software so Amazing?

Before getting started you should know that using the Automated Forex Cash you can make $200 in only 5 minutes with only one trade. Just purchase and install the system and your financial status will change in no time.

How does the Automated Forex Cash System works?

It generates by default Buy/Sell signals. Whenever a buy signal is active, an Up Orange Arrow will blink next to a “We have a buy signal” alert and a sound signal.

Right after that you’ll see a text alert that will announce you to place your stop loss. “Exit our long Trade Now” appears whenever the exit signal for a long trade starts.

Automated Forex Cash Features:

  1. It takes you only 10 minutes to work with this system each day. It’s great for people who have no time to monitor the forex market.
  2. With $250 you can start trading even if the recommended capital is $5,000. You don’t need the entire amount at the beginning because you can use the suggestions of Forex brokers and start a credit/ leverage. You should know that each broker offer a different leverage ratio.
  3. This process involves very low risks but the returns are very high.
  4. You can use it from any country worldwide.
  5. You don’t need to have a solid forex trading background.
  6. The system works only on MetaTrader 4 platform.
  7. It is programmed for 1-hour because some tests revealed that within this time the system offers the best results.
  8. Automated Forex Cash can apply to: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF and EUR/JPY. The package also includes the installation manual – User Guide.
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Disadvantages Of Automated Forex Cash System

If you’re a beginner you might find a little bit difficult to set up MetaTrader 4 platform and install the Automated Forex Cash System afterwards. You must follow the entire process step by step.

First open a demo account and select your favourite categories on the menu bar. If you do things by the book you should be ready in 5 minutes.

Three Free Bonuses:

  1. Forex Storm System

Forex Storm System is also a trading software added in the package as a bonus. It does pretty much the same things as the Automated Forex Cash but it has no time frame setting. The main difference between these two is the manufacturer: Forex Storm is developed by Daily frame. The installation process is the same and both of them work with all currency pairs.

  1. Trading Performance Analyzer

Trading Performance Analyzer is a trading performance tracking record file in Excel format and includes three worksheets: System Analysis (number of trades, net profit or losses), Performance Tracker and Income Score Card. The numbers are calculated and analyzed and converted into a graph.

The package also includes a Quick Start Guide page.

  1. Trading Success Toolkit

The Trading Success toolkit comprises IRR Analysis (Excel), YourProtection (Excel) and Success (PDF). With IRR Analysis you’ll see sample on how to increase your investment over the year with up to 250% while the Success will teach you how to become a better trader.

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The Automated Forex Cash cost $97 at this time of writing though John has indicated he may increase the price soon. For any questions you should ask the customer support for help and they’ll solve your problem in only a few days.

Last but not least, the developer of this Loveandknuckles.com system, John Chen is also responsible for Profitable Trend Forex System and Impact Trading System.