How to Focus to Make More Putts

Focus in putting is crucial for more making more putts and lowering your golf handicap, but how do you learn to focus and what do you focus on? Do you pick a spot and step up there and just hit like Aaron Baddeley, or take a more methodical, laborious approach like Jim Furyk? founder Chuck Quinton gives an excellent routine that will not only have you making more putts, but help you overcome the yips in putting as well!

His great article on how to focus in putting can be read in full here: How to Putt with Better Focus in Golf

Here are some of the highlights from the article. It is built around a three step process to focusing that is best illustrated with this image:

The process starts with focusing in on a broad area as you setup to the golf ball. Once you have the putter head aligned to your target, you take your second look back up at the hole.

The second look is when you focus in a little tighter on your target and start to get more specific. You readjust the putter alignment here as needed.

The third step is to really zero in on the target. You want to be as specific here as humanly possible. A blade of grass, pitch mark, a scratch on the back of the cup. Then, once your focus is locked in, you do a unique trick to start the stroke. It makes perfect sense to begin the stroke the way Quinton describes, so I’ll let him explain it.

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