Video Golf Lesson – Move the Body or the Club?

Here is a 9 minute clip of top Orlando Florida golf instructor Chuck Quinton giving a lesson to a student where he faces the age old dilemma – do you learn to move the golf club or the body?

Most golf instructors teach their students to focus on the movements of the club and don’t care HOW you get the club there, just as long as you put it in the position they want it in. These positions that the club move through during the swing, most golf instructors can agree on. However, it’s HOW you get there that makes the difference.

In this lesson, the student had been taught to position the w88 club at the end of the takeaway in a certain spot. However, he was never taught how to move his body or what muscles to use to put the club in this position. This led to a takeaway that was severely inside where his previous instructor wanted the club.

Quinton’s teaching method is different. Rather than focus on manipulating the golf club into a certain position, he teaches the golfer to use the specific muscles most suited for the task.

During the golf lesson, the student was taught to use specific muscles in his back and core to rotate his torso and guess what, the club ended up in the perfect position at the end of the takeaway! Rather than just using his hands to put the club where his old golf instructor wanted it, he learned proper body movements that achieved the desired results in only a few short minutes.

After years of struggling to do what his instructor asked, he can now move through the perfect takeaway position consistently by learning which big muscles to use.

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