Miniature Golf Holes and Outlet for Golf Shots

All about golf holes

Any golfer, irrespective of being a professional or a new-sport feels the pressure when he lines up his putt to aim for the holes. This pressure is clear even in players who are playing single and looking only to win the hole or halve it. But it reaches peak levels when one is in a competition. But like any other sport, the mental pressure can be easily overcome by strategic planning.

This is evident because, professionals and even differently able persons are able to hole their putts with little ease. Landing the putt perfectly in the hole from five feet far can also be achieved with dedicated practice. Get golf clubs that you are comfortable with. See that you can judge the distance, the angle and the amount of force (from the swing) you require. For some people stage fright or the fear from competition may crop up . They may not be able to hole even the easiest of shots even though they aced their practice holes.

Playing the par four golf hole

Par four golf holes should be regarded as nothing more difficult than the ordinary holes. Reaching the green in two or three shots would come relatively easily to those who have handled their golf clubs. A par four hole can be considered in four parts; primarily representing the four major strokes , viz.

  • The tee shot
  • The fairway shot
  • The approach shot into the green
  • A putt (or even two)

Digging your own golf hole

Even though building a golf course in one’s backyard is a difficult task , not to mention heavily demanding, it is easy enough to dig a tidy little hole for personal practices and daily landing of putts in the hole. The best place for a golf hole will be a flat piece of land that has a good drainage.

This is important because the hole will not last long without continual draining. Also the immediate surroundings of the hole like the grass is to be kept clean and trim. One can add outdoor carpeting to maintain the hole. The area of flat land for the hole is to be a minimum of three feet by six feet, free of any dirt or debris. One should be careful when choosing the spot and a crucial parameter is that the ball does not roll off without being tapped when placed on the chosen ground.

If so, relocation might be needed. Dig a hole a feet deeper than the pvc pipe intended for that hole. It would be a good idea to fill the hole with gravel first, in order to act like a drain. Create the golf hole by tapping down the edges of the pvc with a hammer. Continue until the pipe is buried inside the ground. This is essential because you cannot let the golf ball bounce off the pipe and get diverted. Finish by patting down the dug-out mud around the sides and planting grass around the edge.

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